Amelia Hinchliffe

(Ms. Hinchy!)

lv.29 multidisciplinary digital creative artist
[Fairy-type] (1% encounter rate in rustling patches of grass)

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neurodivergent demigirl wants to see the world!!
pronouns: she/it (they ok too I guess) · autistic · adhd · transgender · nonbinary · disabled · c-ptsd · cajun-british white-o of catholic heritage · atheist · *exasperated sigh* furry · from new hampshire, in louisiana

jill of all trades: music composer and arranger · video game developer, designer, programmer · video producer and editor · creative director · graphic artist · writer · voice actor · AMATEUR lyricist and cartoon-people-draw-er · big dreamer

co-lead director, promo director, lead video producer, music producer, team manager and mediator, official hype lady, composer of the secondary original theme "BATTLEFIELD", voice of CEO and announcer John Notwoodman, and much, much more on 2019's gigantic, once-in-a-lifetime SIIVAGUNNER: KING FOR ANOTHER DAY TOURNAMENT pop culture and video game music tribute internet multimedia event. jokingly sponsored by totino's pizza rolls but actually a budgetless passion project, this extravaganza combined a huge amount of gorgeous character artwork, a soundtrack of over SIX HUNDRED newly produced songs, and fun, hilarious and dramatic community participation (and I helped!)

other works: director and lead composer of sonic time twisted's original soundtrack; creative lead, level designer, music director and lead composer on sonic melponterations; various ambitious indie games either cancelled in production or in eternal development hell; *sigh* I made the coconut gun rap and many dreadful contributions to the meme-o-sphere at siivagunner between 2016 and 2020

currently working on: healing from a lifetime of chronic trauma and repression... and a secret personal project or two or three? 🤫

long-term goal: I wanna make dramedy lite-RPGs.


(i.e. hyperfixations)

  • pokemon (especially gens 1-5)

  • metroid

  • wario

  • earthbound / mother 3

  • original paper mario trilogy

  • kirby

  • ...uh I guess zelda, lotsa mario... nintendo kinda live rent-free in my brain obviously

  • sonic the goddamn hedgehog

  • ace attorney (and ghost trick!)

  • minecraft (proud player since 2009)

  • in general: retrogaming, computers, open source/homebrew software, AV stuff

  • casual collector of vinyls, plushies, old video games, and neat trinkets

  • eternal fangame scene kid (I liked sonic robo blast 2 before it was cool... by a good 16 years)

derivative works advocate, remix culture advocate, emulation advocate, media preservation advocate, copyright abolitionist, cranky anticapitalist

disability rights advocate, autistic/adhd/neurodiverse people advocate, mental illness advocate, trans* and non-binary advocate, police abolitionist, prison abolitionist, humanist and transhumanist, stands in solidarity with all victims of systemic violence and oppression

irl magical girl mermaid, sapphic pining expert/addict

cat mom

wanna get in contact with me? shoot me an email. [email protected]