About Me

Hello, I’m Amelia Hinchliffe, aka Hinchy! I’m a 28-year-old aspiring independent game developer and musician. I was raised in the inspirational landscape of Alexandria, New Hampshire, a tiny town in the heart of the mountains; my interest in video games was stirred by the equally inspirational halls of Funspot, the largest arcade in the world, and a brief car ride away from my childhood home.

I have a pet project concept for a game called Touched by the Void that I’ve been slowly but surely thinking up. It’s what I like to call “weird cosmic fantasy”, an absurdist comedy-drama “lite-RPG” heavily influenced by games like the first three Paper Marios and MOTHER 3. Look for it in about… five billion years, or so.

I also compose music. You can head to my Bandcamp or SoundCloud to hear a selection of my work, including tracks from miscellaneous creations. I was the music director and lead composer for the soundtrack to the free fangame Sonic Time Twisted; the soundtrack, Dueling Ages, is free to download. I am also a manager of the YouTube channel SiIvaGunner, infamous uploader of humorous bait-and-switch video game remixes.

I am an autistic ADHD transgender woman. I currently live in Denver, Colorado with my cat Spitz.