About Me

Hello, I'm Amelia Hinchliffe, aka Hinchy! I'm a 28-year-old aspiring independent game developer and musician. I was raised in the inspirational landscape of Alexandria, New Hampshire, a tiny town in the heart of the mountains; my interest in video games was stirred by the equally inspirational halls of Funspot, the largest arcade in the world, and a brief car ride away from my childhood home.

I have a pet project concept for a game called Touched by the Void that I've been slowly but surely thinking up. It's what I like to call "weird cosmic fantasy", an absurdist comedy-drama "lite-RPG" heavily influenced by games like the first three Paper Marios and MOTHER 3. Look for it in about... five billion years, or so.

I'm an unofficial creative consultant on WretchWorks' Collectems, which grew out of on an original idea by me, and its prequel animation, BIG IRON. I was also the lead developer (2013-2015) and music director for The Legend of Doodle (which is not cancelled, though I am not working on it anymore).

I also compose music. You can head to my Bandcamp or SoundCloud to hear a selection of my work, including tracks from The Legend of Doodle and other miscellaneous creations. I was the music director and lead composer for the soundtrack to the free fangame Sonic Time Twisted; the soundtrack, Dueling Ages, is free to download. I am also a manager of the YouTube channel SiIvaGunner, infamous uploader of humorous bait-and-switch video game remixes.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado.